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3 Types of Chiropractic Care

You Choose Your Care Program:

Everyone has the right to choose how they take care of their body.  At Awesome Chiropractic we give you 3 choices.

You choose where you want to go

The choice is yours

If you came in for headaches, back pain, asthma or numerous other conditions, We are quite certain you want some releif.  We call that Acute Care.  The main goal is to get you out of pain ASAP.

You may want to actually work better, and We call that Reconstructive Care.  This is where we develop a program designed to fit your needs and restore normal function to your body.  Most people notice changes to their health in areas they thot never would happen.

If you liked getting out of pain and having a healthy body, you just might want to keep it that way.  We call this Prevention/Wellness/DREAM lifestyle.  Yes, couldn’t really think of one word that fits it.  Care is set up to optimize healing and lifestyle so that you live better than ever before.

You choose where you want to go.  We respect your freedom of choice.

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