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Move When It Hurts

If it hurts to move you will feel better if you move. Life is motion.

Eventhough it hurts to move, moving can be the best way to stop the pain.  In every joint there are little nerves that act as motion sensors called mechanoreceptors. That is a big word for the some of the strongest and fastest nerves in your body. These actually have an effect on stress levels of the brain.

Move for the neurological input.

The mechanoreceptor controls pain input to the brain and the overall sensitivity of the slower and weaker pain receptors (nociceptors). If all is well there is a BALANCE between the two. Ever notice how it feels better to move your hand after you hit it with a hammer? The motion nerves overwhelm the pain nerves and your brain LOVES IT.

Stress with physical exertion (motion) is actually good for the body. It controls the brains internal coordination with the body. Stress without physical exertion does not allow for mechanoreceptors to coordinate higher brain function. Chronic stress (being a couch potatoe) leads to higher brain dysfunction and a sympathetic response that has a negative effect on the entire body. Sitting on the couch because you are in pain actually hurts you more.

Your brain loves when joints move.

What all this means is that, your health highly depends on the mobility of your joints, ESPECIALLY THE SPINAL JOINTS. That is why, after an Awesome adjustment you actually feel better. Given some time, the body rebounds and actually IS better. You may have to work at movement in the beginning, but in the long run, you will be moving much better.

Telling your friends about our office moves your jaw. This stimulates mechanoreceptors in the joint. These help coordinate higher brain function. Your mood improves. You did a good thing, so you feel good about it. Your life gets moving in the right direction. You express your talents. You’re immune system kicks in. Your heart beats properly. You breathe better. Your liver functions improve. Your kidney works better. You’re more friendly. Your family appreciates you more.

You Are Awesome!



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