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New Chiropractic Patient Internet Coupon

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Smiling kidWe can’t diagnose your problems online or on the telephone, but we can make it easy for you to get help and to get your questions answered!  We offer our new patient internet coupon for your consideration.

Everybody’s needs and concerns are very different.  Often times, people suffering with pain have complex issues that cannot be properly addressed via email.

Therefore, we offer an excellent internet special to help introduce you to Brighton chiropractor, Dr. Robert Moore at Awesome Chiropractic and provide you with an evaluation of your condition and needs.

 FREE Initial Evaluation :  You can meet the doctor, tour our facility, and ask questions to see if Awesome Chiropractic is the place for you! We feel that meeting the doctor should always be free.  With our New Patient Internet Coupon, you will get answers to your questions and we can determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care in our office.  

To receive the free initial evaluation, you must print this coupon  and present it to us at your initial visit.

Call our office today to see if We are a fit for you (810) 225-7246


*You were looking for fine print, and here it is: Due to applicable federal Medicare laws, it is possible that these specials may not apply to Medicare patients, please call us for details. These specials are for new patients only and must be requested at the time of service. For your safety, x-rays are taken only when necessary.