Neurotoxic Questionairre

The Neuro-Toxic Questionnaire is another great test to simply and effectively determine your neurotoxicity and evaluate your progress in the program. Patients can complete the digital version of the questionnaire online in our office or at home, or you may even utilize printed copies to complete at our office. 

The test contains a series of questions that relate to heavy metal toxicity, biotoxic illness, and general toxicity issues. It’s important that we discuss your overall health goals in the initial appointment, or how your problem is destroying the joy in your life.  We want to understand your motivation for getting well and to help track your progress in reaching said goals. 

Understanding the test:
The most important goal in analyzing the test is to note the initials areas where there is the most struggle, i.e. from heavy metal toxicity, bio-toxin related illness, and/or general toxicity issues. The test breaks down these categories in the patient history by symptoms. For example, some classic heavy metal symptoms include dizziness, insomnia, irritability, low body temperature and sound sensitivity. Common biotoxic illness related symptoms include morning stiffness, blurred vision, and pain related conditions.

1. Complete the test digitally or in hard copy form at home or in our office before or at beginning of initial appointment. 

2.  We then tally the point results at the end of the test and review written responses to questions.

Toxicity by section:
Section 1: Heavy metals 
Section 2: General toxicity
Section 3: Mold and/or Lyme Disease (aka Biotoxic illness)
Section 4: General toxicity

Over 100: Severely neurotoxic; positive for neurotoxicity and undoubtedly needs TCD and will need to complete many brain phases to detox.
Scoring: 50-100: Moderate neurotoxicity; positive for neurotoxicity and needs TCD to decrease symptoms and improve overall health
Less than 50: less toxic; should still do TCD to increase vitality due to the ubiquitous neurotoxins in our modern world.

Remember, the most important part is to observe whether you are improving or not, and to get you your life back by detoxing your body at the cellular level. 
Call our office today and we can email you the form to fill out in the comfort of your own home.  810-225-7246