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Awesome Services Offered to Help You:

Our experience has shown that it is wise to have an understanding with our patients about what type of service you are looking for.  Therefore,  we offer several methods of care at our office.  Our main concern is your health and well being, and we will do our best for you. 

Here are all the services you have to choose from:


 Trigenics is a specialized non-surgical, neurological technique that resets the way your brain communicates with your body.  The benefit of Trigenics is increased mobility, less pain, improved healing and overall health.  This is awesome for knee pain, frozen shoulder, neuropathy, hip pain, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, failed back surgery and much more.


 Neurofeedback helps to restore normal brain wave function.  The benefit of Neurofeedback is a better working brain.  This is awesome for ADHD, Dementia, PTSD, Alzheimers, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia Brain Injuries, and much more.

Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic Adjustment for the Neck:

Dr. Moore brings over 20 years experience in using NUCCA technique of specific upper cervical analysis and correction.  In our chiropractic services offered there is no bending, twisting or popping of the neck.  In fact, this adjusting technique is so specific and gentle, We can take care of people with broken necks, severe head and neck trauma, internal head injuries, pre and post neck and back surgery.

This is an awesome technique for infants, kids and adults.  Chiropractors around the world have had Dr. Moore adjust themselves, their families and staff. 

Specific Chiropractic Adjustment for the Mid and Low Back:

In every misalignment (a vertebral subluxation) there is a twisting of the vertebra.  We use torque and leverage to gently re-align the spine.  This makes the experience very easy and specific.  Sometimes, people feel the vertebrae move and sometimes they do not.  Our office has drop tables, tables to help lower people into the adjusting position and tables to raise them back up again.

We make use of numerous Chiropractic techniques to provide individualized care to fit your needs and situation.  Dr. Moore has studied all around the country and overseas to broaden the care programs.   He has adjusted newborns (and We mean new) to 90+ years of wisdom.

Functional Neurology: 

Functional Neurology works by turning on the nervous system and brain.   Contrary to what you may have been told, your brain wants to heal and adapt.  This is called "neuroplasticity".  We use many different brain exercises in order to challenge the brain to heal.  The benefit of Functional Neurology is better balance, coordination, feeling, outlook.  This is awesome for numbness, neuropathy, ADHD, dementia, depression, anxiety and much more.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF): 

PEMF helps to re-energize the cells of the body.  The benefit of PEMF is that healing energy is restored to the involved cells.  Imagine going to the store and buying a new flashlight.  The light works great when you get it home.  However, if you need to use the same flashlight years later for an important evening hike.  It would not have the energy to light your way.

When a person has a chronic long term problem, the body cells loose their energy to heal and work. PEMF simply recharges the cells "batteries".  An energized body heals.  Whereas, a body that is worn down, cannot heal.  This could be why people try so many different things and do not get results.   Their body simply did not have the necessary energy to heal.

PEMF is awesome for both acute and chronic pain areas.  This website has a small sampling of studies:

Infrared Diode Therapy: 

Infrared Diode Therapy  helps to provide greater blood flow and oxygen to the area that needs it. We use state-of-the-art pulsed LED light therapy, placed on the skin over the area of pain or injury.  The pads contain brilliant red, blue and near infrared LED's that penetrate deeply into tissues for rejuvenation  The result is increased circulation allowing more nutrient rich blood to reach your problem areas. The benefit of Infrared Diode Therapy is a better working cells in your body.  This is also awesome for both acute and chronic pain areas.

Peripheral Nerve Rehabilitative Therapy (PNRT): 

PNRT helps to restore normal nerve to nerve cell communication in your body.  We use this when the nerves are not communicating with each other.  PNRT helps to rehabilitate both the nerve ending and the area of the brain that controls it.  

The benefit of PNRT is that the nerves in the body can communicate with the brain better.  This too, is awesome for both acute and chronic pain areas.

 X-Ray Services:

We use digital x-rays in order to maintain the highest technical level of care possible.  You will find that x-rays are an important tool We use to address your problem, correct it and manage it.  It is important to note that this tool is used very sparingly.

We do not x-ray pregnant women (or those who think they are), and people undergoing chemo and or radiation therapy.  Our use of digital x-rays is designed to minimize the radiation dosage.

Traction and Exercises:

Movement of your spine is vital to your health.  Studies have shown that by moving your spine (more so than arms and legs), your brain receives vital nerve impulses that stimulate healing, energy, immunity and overall health.

We provide traction techniques to either move the spine or get the spine moving into a more optimum alignment.  Exercises are both taught and performed in order to facilitate movement and healing.

Whole Body Vibration:

Whole Body Vibration is used to stimulate the fastest and strongest nerves in your body. These nerves actually overwhelm pain nerves. Your brain loves these nerves and is stimulated by them.

Athletic teams and programs around the country use the Vibe Plate for quicker rehabilitation of their athletes. We use the Vibe Plate as a mechanoreceptor and proprioreceptor stimulant for the brain. Our office will be using the Vibe Plate on people with depression, scoliosis, neuropathy, headaches, kyphosis, hyper lordosis and much much more than a sports injury.

DREAM Principle Training:

The DREAM Principle is the key to healing in our office. We believe that awesome Diet, Rest, Exercise, Adjustments and Mindset give your cells all the tools they need to build a healthy body.

If you want to know how to help your self and your family lead a DREAM life, We have a WOW workshop on even numbered Tuesday nights. Dr. Moore will go over what healing is, how to think about your body in everyday activities, what it takes to heal and some tips on the DREAM principle. It is an awesome way to broaden your horizons and develop healthy habits for your life time. Friends and family are always welcome.

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