Hip pain

Hip pain affects everything you do.  Simply getting up out of a chair can be a big problem.  It breaks my heart when people give up on doing things they love because they are in so much pain.

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Walking, sitting, standing, kicking or anything else that involves your hips is a coordinated effort between your brain and your entire body.  Any problem with either one will cause hip pain for some people.

The hip joint is controlled by branches of multiple nerves that come from your lumbosacral plexus (L2-S1).  The major muscles that produce movements of the hip joint are categorized into functional groups; flexors, extensors, adductors, abductors, lateral rotators and medial rotators.   

If you have a malfunction in any of the nerves that control a single muscle of your hip, you will not walk or move properly.  As time goes on, the problem gets worse and worse.  Now more nerves are affected and more muscles are not working properly.  Later on, the actual bone, cartilage and other tissues get aggravated.  You just feel it as pain.  

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