How You Heal

Do you know what it takes to be healthy? 

What is healing and health? Want to get out of pain? Stop those horrible headaches? Have your child breathe easier from asthma? Move better from low back pain? Then you have to heal. You got this way from an accident or on accidental purpose. Now is the time for change.

I was at church the other day and the youth pastor was saying that his healthcare consisted of brushing his teeth, taking a bath every day and eating good food. This comes from a guy who had his pancreas replaced recently. As interesting as that is, it showed that most people just don’t know how to take care of their health.

I could give you lots of stats that would make your head spin just to scare you into action. True health care starts with opening your mind and discovering how your body works. If you can understand what your body is doing and what it needs, you can give it the right stuff.

Let’s start with some body basics. Your body wants to provide a place for you to experience the situation that you are in. Whether you are on a plush tropical island or in the middle of a large metropolis, your body wants to keep you going. There are miraculous stories of how people went through some crazy stuff and lived to tell about it. Their body adapted to the situation and made it through.

You have the ability to walk, talk, breathe and eat at the same time. It would take numerous machines working together to accomplish this. Yet, you do it without thinking.

How do we heal? A perfect example of how we heal is to just look at your hands and arms. More than likely, you will find a recent cut, bruise or scrape that is healing (some may astound you). Notice the scab, swelling and other interesting things going on. To think that the cut tissue was somehow sewn back together and then healed, just doesn’t make sense. 

What does happen, is the deposit of new tissue. You get new stuff!  Actually, this happens throughout your entire body. A heart cell that beats over 85,000 times a day. There is no way that it is going to last 70 years. They wear out after about a year. It dies and is replaced with a new heart cell.  You get a new heart every year!

Want some new lungs, just wait a year. Your blood is replaced every 90 days, and that is the fastest.  We get a new skeleton every 6 years. The oldest cell in your body is a nerve cell, and that is a whopping 7 years old. Want to be younger – just look in the mirror, you are 7.

The best healing through replacement comes when you give the body what it needs to make the healthy cells that take the place of the old dying cells. Here lies the key to healing. 

Are you giving the body the tools to create new cells you want? Check out the DREAM Principle to make certain that you are.

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