DREAM Principle

I would like to introduce you to the DREAM Principle to health and healing.  The DREAM Principle stands for: Diet, Rest, Exercise, Adjustment, and Mindset. The DREAM Principle will ensure that your body gets everything it needs to rebuild itself properly.

  • Diet:  Your car needs a specific gasoline to run.  Put in bad gas, your car doesn’t run properly.  With the proper food, your body has the fuel to create the energy you use every day.  Food also supplies your body the building blocks to create new tissue.  If you want to build a new chair, you better have the right materials.  The chair might not stand if you made it of jellyfish. 
  • Rest:  If you constantly drive your car, the engine will over heat, you will run out of gas and probably break it down.  Put your car in its arking spot and let it cool down.  Your body actually does its’ best rebuilding when you rest.
  • Exercise:  An engine may actually gum up when it is not used enough.  Your body is the same.  If you don’t use it, you will loose it.  Your legs become stiff and weak without use.  Bones become brittle without stress.  Give your body a reason to have all those parts and it will respond.
  • Adjustment:  Something has to coordinate all of this.  Your body uses the brain and nerves to act as the super computer director.  Your spine protects the delicate spinal cord that houses this nerve highway.  If one vertebrae moves out of place, the nerve gets choked off and your body doesn’t know what to do.  An adjustment restores proper alignment to your body and keeps you balanced.   After all, you might like to have a new heart cell when the old one is gone.
  • Mindset:  What you think about you bring about.  Your thoughts can have an affect on the creation of new cells.  A positive attitude, stimulates all the good things in your body and makes the new cell very happy.

The DREAM Principle keeps you charging!

Some people have a good grasp on one or many facets of the DREAM Principle. To truly live the DREAM life.  You must have all the aspects down pat.  If you do, your life will be a DREAM.

If you are not happy with the way your body feels today, it is because you didn’t follow the DREAM Principle.  You will get a chance to change this. Your body just made a bunch of new cells as you read this, and a change occurred. Was it a change you wanted?

You are guaranteed to find out.

For some tips on living the DREAM Principle

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“If sick people would do the things that healthy people do, then they would be healthy”