D diet

Your diet has an impact on your energy and health. Eating healthy can be confusing with all the contradicting information around the globe. A healthy recipe for nutrition is to think of food for what it really is…

  • Fuel

  • Building Material

 It takes a lot of energy to run your body and that energy has to come from your food.  The body turns your food into energy by something called Respiration.  Food is broken down at the cellular level to create energy for other parts of the cell.  Respiration can occur with or without oxygen; it is best with oxygen.

Apple, the healthy recipe for energy and nutrition

As your body rebuilds itself, it needs materials.  Again, this has to come from your food.  It is truly awesome how you can eat an apple, and turn that into new lung cells (or anything else).  If you had a very expensive sports car, it would need gas.  It would be wise to put super duper gas in that car. 

 Now, you would never expect to be sitting in your living room and watch your car drive down the street, just because you put gas in it.  You would have to be behind the wheel for that to occur.  Food is fuel – it will not drive the healing process.  You have to do that.

If the starter on the expensive sports car went bad, it would have to be replaced.  You would go to the store, buy a new starter, and put it in the car.  Your body breaks down food, transports the materials where they are needed and rebuild your body.  Pretty Awesome if you ask me.

Just like you would give the car super duper gas, you should give your body super duper food.  The more natural the better; the fastest food is an apple.  Check out our blog and social media for tons of information about food.

When you can look at food as fuel and building material, you can sift through all the confusion concerning what to eat. 

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